Travel Must-Haves

These are a few of the recommendations I wish I had known about before my first time

man wearing shorts cancun items recommendation

Quick drying swim shorts are perfect for activities which involve going in and out of the water frequently, such as the XCARET parks or Cenotes visits. Jump right in, swim, jump right out, and stay dry!

girl in bikini cancun items recommendation

Quick drying swimsuits for women are perfect for activities which involve going in and out of the water frequently, such as the XCARET parks or Cenotes visits. Jump right in, swim, jump right out, and stay dry!

water shoes stylish cancun

Who said you can't wear water shoes and still look good? These are like an Adidas NMD copycat but are the perfect shoe for going into the water with and coming out dry. GREAT FOR XCARET! 

Cancun's reefs are endangered. Please protect them AND yourself by using Reef-Safe sunscreen. Buy this in advance prior to your trip because they're upcharged everywhere in Cancun.

Some excursions don't allow the use of sunblock at all, especially if you're going to be near actual reefs during snorkeling. They recommend having and wearing a rash guard instead so you don't get sun burnt! 

waterproof wallet cancun

Don't leave your money behind unattended when you go into the water. Don't worry about your money when you're at excursions which require you to go in and out of water. Take this with you! 

If you're going away from the hotel zone, such as Chichen Itza, Xcaret parks, Riviera Maya, Tulum, or any other dense in nature areas, make sure to grab one of these so you dont get mosquito bites everywhere!

Some people just can't hang in the water for long periods of times. Try out some of these motion sickness remedies to avoid feeling nauseous on the boat rides.

bluetooth speakers loud waterproof cancun

Honestly, it's not a party on the beach unless you have music. Sometimes, there won't be any music around when you really need it the most! Don't forget to take this with you so you can keep the party going!

tsa bottle check

Never travel without having one of these in your carry-on bag. This is a pre-approved TSA travel liquid kit that will allow you to take your own personal shampoos, liquids, gels, and etc. Fill it yourself!

Sometimes filling the travel kit yourself is hard and annoying. Just buy a pre-filled one and save yourself some time and trouble. Some of them even come with a nifty reusable bag for future trips!

Can you really call it a vacation without one of these? It's almost impossible to get some sleep in the plane, but with one of these, you might sleep the entire way there! Don't get to Cancun with a broken neck!

Oh man, Oh man! Apple Air-Tags are seriously addicting when you start using them for traveling. Hide one in your luggage and you can track it anytime, lost or stolen, anywhere in the world!

Tune out and watch your show on the flight. Listen to music. Use it just for silence! Don't listen to the plane's turbine. 

I've lost one too many expensive sunglasses to finally learn my lesson. Shit happens. Sometimes you lose your favorite pair to the ocean. Get cheap ones so you're not bummed out if they're lost.

This one is a little bit silly, but definitely worth having. The sun in Cancun is no joke any time of the year. Staying under the sun too long will almost always give you a headache and knock you out for the day.

Keep your items, such as your phone, towel, change of clothes, and electronics dry. Take this with you when you're going out to excursions or to the beach. It's always a great thing to have.

There's no power outlets by the beach, but there is a lot of instagrammable photo opportunities! Don't drain your battery and then have no way to charge it. Be prepared with an external battery for charging.

This bad boy has been so beneficial to have around in Cancun. It's by far the most used trinket of any trip! Take your phone with you anywhere and record underwater!

Not really a make or break, but always good to have the time handy.

Sometimes you just want to see underwater on your own accord rather than booking a snorkel expedition. Take your own goggles and explore the seas! 

Video capture all the moments of your trip by getting a GoPro to document all of your adventures, dry or wet!

Want to add something to this list? Let me know!