Ticket Service

PLANCUN is a ticket partner of Coco Bongo and can help you save money on your Coco Bongo tickets! 

We can do this by collecting a deposit from you for your reservation and allowing you to pay less in person at Coco Bongo. Net savings generally range from $5 - $20 per ticket.

All tickets are subject to availability!

You must confirm with Tickets@Plancun.com for availability prior to purchase.

All tickets come with a check-in time assigned by Coco Bongo. Reservation holders must be ready for check-in and payment at the time assigned during reservation. Check-in times are generally within the first hour of the club(s) operating. 

Ticket and deposit prices are subject to change at any time at the discretion of Coco Bonogo and Plancun. 

Deposits are non-refundable but can be transferred to different people/nights.

Prices below are as of March 2023.

Coco Bongo - Cancun

The most popular disco in Mexico with projections on giant screens and impressive acrobat shows.

Located right in the heart of the Hotel Zone, Coco Bongo Cancun stands out among dozens of bars and clubs that form the party capital in Mexico. Just one block from the majestic Caribbean Sea, emerges a spectacular colossus indicating the travelers the arrival to the most shocking night of their lives.


Regular - Open Bar; includes:

MSRP: $96

PLANCUN: $90 - $6 savings per ticket! 

Premium - Open Bar; includes:

MSRP: $121

PLANCUN: $114 - $7 savings per ticket! 

Gold Member - Open Bar; includes:

MSRP: $155

PLANCUN: $145- $10 savings per ticket! 

Front Row - Open Bar; includes:

MSRP: $185

PLANCUN: $173- $12 savings per ticket! 

Bongo Tour - Cancun

The best party of your life is waiting for you! In The Bongo Tour we take you to the best of Cancun's nightlife visiting 3 places on the same night, starting at Congo Bar, continuing with Coco Bongo and ending at Beach Party Coco Bongo.

At Congo Bar you will enjoy special happenings with the gogo dancers and acrobats as well as dance to the rhythm of the music. The next stop is the famous Coco Bongo where you can appreciate the amazing shows and be surprised by the incredible light and sound technology. The last stop is Beach Party Coco Bongo, a fun beach club where you can dance under the moonlight. Are you ready to live this incredible experience? Book now and join The Bongo Tour!


Bongo Tour; includes:

MSRP: $145

PLANCUN: $135- $10 savings per ticket! 

Bongo Bar and Congo Bar - Cancun

Bongo Bar: Are you looking for a bar in Cancun to watch your favorite sports and also have fun? Bongo Bar is your best option! Our opening hours allow you to enjoy different sports on our giant screen, in addition to tasting delicious snacks and drinks. At night, you can have fun with the great party we have for you with our go-go’s and MCs while the DJ makes you dance. Visit us in the Cancun Hotel Zone, outside of Coco Bongo.

Congo Bar: Get ready to enjoy one of the best nights of your life! Congo Bar has become the favorite of locals and tourists on their visit to Cancun. You will be surprised with the special shows we have for you with the Congo Girls and our amazing acrobats, so prepare your cell phone to take lots of photos and videos! Our DJ will make you dance and will invite you to join the conga line with all our visitors. In addition, you can enjoy delicious snacks and drinks. Are you ready?


Floor Tickets; includes:

MSRP: $40

PLANCUN: $35- $5 savings per ticket! 

Bongo Beach Club (day/night) - Cancun

The name says it ALL!

While in Cancun you must visit Coco Bongo Beach Party, the Ultimate Beach Party experience, overlooking Caribbean sea! No other party will be enough after living this exciting new experience! Come and discover the most impressive Beach Party made in Mexico that emerges in front of the crystal clear waters of the majestic Caribbean Sea and its white sand, giving life to an endless party of sun, colors and fresh rhythms that will take away everyone's breath. High-impact entertainment, a huge parade of technology, stunts and happenings never seen before on a stage of this type will be waiting for you. Meet a new entertainment experience in Latin America!


Regular - Open Bar; includes:

MSRP: $55

PLANCUN: $50- $5 savings per ticket! 

Premium - Open Bar; includes:

MSRP: $85

PLANCUN: $80- $5 savings per ticket! 

Bottle Pack (4 people); includes:

MSRP: $240

PLANCUN: $230- $10 savings per ticket!